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Rheumatoid Arthritis


Acupuncture: Relief for Arthritis in the Knee

Cholesterol Lowering:

Cholesterol Lowering Herbal Program

Triglyceride Lowering Program

Green Power Drink


Atherosclerosis: An Herbal Protocol

Homocysteine Lowering Herbal Program

Hemorrhoids Herbal Program

Poor Circulation

Varicose Vein Herbal Program

High Blood Pressure:

High Blood Pressure Program

The Dash Diet

Lyme Disease:

A Sour Twist of Lyme

Broccoli Sprouts: Cancer Prevention and Detoxification

Hepatitis and Liver Cleansing:

Liver Cleansing Herbal Program

Hepatitis Herbal Program

Recover Liver Function

Stress Relief Program


Digestive Improvement Program

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program

Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Cancer Prevention: (see also Broccoli Sprouts)

The Hoxsey Formula

Power Mushrooms: The Remarkable Healing Powers of Mushrooms

Maqui Select

Maqui Select Brochure


Herbs and Diet for Health

Blood Sugar Regulating Program


Natural Back Care

Back Pain and Lifting


Is Modern Research Rediscovering Acupuncture

Acupuncture Helps Knee Pain


Emotions Impact Immunity

Herbal Medicine:

The Benefits of Green Tea

Formulas are Herbs in Harmony

Herbs and the Alphabet Soup of Hepatitis

Herbal Support and the Prevention of Flu

Herbal Flu Kit

Tension Headaches

Sleep Assistance Supplement Program

Hay Fever Herbal Program

Athletic Enhancement Herbal Protocol

Lean Muscle: The #1 Biomarker of Aging

Acne: Clearing the Skin

Women's Health:

Cool Flare: Herbal Support for Hot Flashes

Menopause Herbal Program

Stress and Pain Relief Programs:

Pain Relief Workbook

Stress Relief Workbook

Diet Detox and Weight Loss:

Food, Weight and Addiction

Diet Detox Booklet

Self-Evaluation: Do You Need to Cleanse?

The Secret of Herbs for Good Health