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Supports and maintains normal bowel function*

A gentle laxative, this formula contains oils from seeds to help moisten the intestines. Linum has the highest oil content at 31%, while apricot seeds moisten and unblock the intestines and move Qi downward. Rhubarb, in small doses, will tone the intestinal wall and expel gas. Magnolia bark helps to remove the heat that can be drying to stool, making it hard to move. The seeds provide oil to move and soften the stool without the harshness of other herbal laxatives that may cause discomfort and intestinal cramping. This formula is gentle and it is easy to gauge the correct the dosage without harsh or sudden surprises. Casgara sagrada, a Western herb that when used in a formula, can help stimulate the intestines without cramping.

Antecedent: Based on Moisten Intestine Pill, Mai Zi Ren Wan (1773 A.D.), Apricot and Linum Combination.

Ingredients: White peony root, processed linum seed, unripe bitter orange fruit, rhubarb root and rhizome, magnolia bark, apricot seed, dong quai root, fo-ti, cascara sagrada.

Caution: Do not use in pregnancy, when breastfeeding, or when in a weakened state. Do not rely solely on any laxative without making dietary changes to fiber and diet, such as eating three meals a day at regular times. Studies show it is vitally important to move our bowels daily.

Dosage: Acute Episode: Break open 2 caps, mix with water, and drink last thing at night, first in the morning.

Maintenance: 1 cap, twice daily.

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