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Supports healthy energy and strength*

This formula tonifies the digestive organs to help the body better absorb vital nutrients from food. It contains two ginsengs: Siberian Ginseng, for endurance; and Asian Ginseng, a powerful tonic for energy. Atractylodes improves transformation of food into nutrients, licorice harmonizes the digestion, and poria clears away dampness. Astragalus increases energy (Qi), strengthens the immune system (it has been shown to boost T-cell restoration) and promotes tissue regeneration. The herb, Ginkgo has been shown to increase short-term memory and alertness by increasing cerebral circulation, and Gotu Kola is an Ayurvedic, mind-enhancing, relaxing tonic. The Russian herb, Siberian Ginseng, although not a member of the ginseng family, has been proven to boost stamina and energy in workers and athletes, increasing endurance. One study gave one half of a group of coal mine workers a placebo, and the other half Siberian Ginseng. The miners who were given the Siberian Ginseng increased their productivity by 50%.

Dosage: 2 capsules, three times daily, or as needed.
Maintenance: 1 capsule, three times daily.

Ingredients: Asian ginseng root, atractylodes rhizome, poria sclerotium (hoelen), licorice root, Siberian ginseng root, gotu kola leaf, ginkgo leaf, astragalus root.

Antecedent: Based on Four Gentleman Decoction, Si Jun Zi Tang,(982 A.D.), Major Four Herb Combination.

Caution: Long-term use of this formula may cause over-drying, i.e., dry mouth, thirst, constipation, and irritability.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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